London Mayoral & Assembly results

Thanks very much to everybody who supported my campaign, including the almost 100 volunteers who helped me. I’m proud of our campaign. We stood up for liberal values – and showed that it’s possible to talk about Brexit in a way that’s relevant to everyone’s lives.


I’m going to go have a Nando’s with my kids tonight.


Then tomorrow it’s onto the campaign trail to make sure we stop Brexit. Once that’s done, we can get more Liberal Democrats elected in 2020.


See you all soon, Rob.


The results are below.



  1. Siobhan Benita
  2. Rob Blackie
  3. Dinesh Dhamija
  4. Lucy Salek

I’m delighted to see Siobhan as our Mayoral candidate. I’ve got to know her on the campaign trail and she will be fantastic. I look forward to working with her.



I was placed 6th on the London Assembly list.

To explain what might look like a big gap, I got the 2nd highest number of 1st preference votes for the London Assembly, but after transfers (ie people’s second preferences) and adjustments to make sure we have a list that reflects London’s diversity, I was placed sixth.

I’ve campaigned for a more diverse political system for 20 years – so I’m delighted that these rules apply (even to me!) and that we have our most diverse list of candidates ever.

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