This is Rob’s Story

Rob has dedicated his life to fighting for liberal values.

For over twenty years, Rob has led campaigns on the biggest issues – ensuring our liberal voice is heard with bold media coverage.

From the local to the global stage, Rob has the track record to stand up for our great city.

Rob advised Charles Kennedy during the Iraq war protests
Rob has campaigned in every borough and is regularly at local by-elections
Wombling in Wimbledon with Hina Bokhari
Rob has a track record of doing fun stunts to help us get noticed
Rob campaigning to retain free travel for children
Rob speaking to LBC about his campaign against Russian fake news on Ukraine
Advised the Namibian Environment Minister on Conservation in the 90s
Rob worked on conservation projects in Africa
Rob has been campaigning for clean air for decades
Rob has advised some of the world’s biggest campaigns in his work
Rob is a lifelong campaigner in his home borough of Lambeth
Rob was on the frontline of fighting Brexit in 2018
Rob protesting the polluting Silvertown Tunnel