Rob talking to voters

Rob will run a bold and liberal campaign.

While a full manifesto will be drawn up with the London Lib Dem team, here are some of Rob’s priorities for a liberal London.

Reset The Met

Get the police to focus on serious crimes and earn the respect of Londoners.

Stop the police from wasting time on low level drug offences, like laughing gas
Use freed up police time to investigate rapes and serious sexual offences properly
Focus on reforming the Met so that it represents all Londoners and works efficiently

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A Green Recovery

Proper public transport access for all Londoners and clean up our rivers.

A new Transport Plan for Outer London – to speed up our transition to lower carbon transport
Clean up our rivers and protect bees and other pollinators – by phasing out pesticides and herbicides, and promoting biodiversity
Green Roofs by accelerating solar power, increasing vegetation and other sustainable enhancements on London’s rooftops

Keep London Welcoming

Secure citizenship for long-time Londoners and support new arrivals.

Protect EU citizens who are threatened by Home Office malice and incompetence
Help undocumented Londoners by providing legal and financial support to secure their British status
Work to welcome and integrate new arrivals to London