London voters want the Lib Dems to fight Brexit

How important is Brexit to London voters?

Polling from the Centre for London shows that Brexit is the biggest issue for Londoners.

Could it win votes for the Lib Dems?

Hope Not Hate and Best for Britain polled this a few months ago across Britain, with a sample of 472 people in London. They asked how people would vote in a general election where the Liberal Democrats opposed Brexit and Labour voted in favour of Brexit.

People responded:

  • Liberal Democrats 36%
  • Labour 22%
  • Conservatives 33%
  • Others 10%

The lesson is simple: London voters are ready to vote Liberal Democrat if Labour continue to support Brexit, and if people know that the Liberal Democrats oppose Brexit.


We won’t necessarily get results this dramatic, but there’s a huge opportunity for our party.


Technical note

YouGov poll 26th to 31st July 2018. London sample 472 people (unweighted). Figures are presented excluding ‘Don’t knows’, ‘Refused’ and ‘Would not vote’. Figures add to 101% because of rounding.

Full question: How would you vote if there was another general election before the UK leaves the EU and the Conservative and Labour Parties both support going ahead with Brexit, and the Liberal Democrats are opposed to Brexit?

If Labour were to oppose Brexit then the voting intention figures in this poll are Liberal Democrats 13%, Conservatives 35%, Labour 46%, Others 6%.

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