About Rob

Rob lives in Herne Hill with his wife and daughters, working on liberal campaigns to fix the problems caused by Brexit, create enough vaccine for the whole world, and tackle climate change.

  • Rob is a leading figure in the campaign against Brexit. He is a senior strategist for the ‘Best for Britain’ campaign started by Gina Miller to fight Brexit.  The Chief Executive of Best for Britain described Rob as ‘a crucial part of the fight against Brexit‘.
  • Rob’s an expert on fighting fake news, and protecting privacy. Rob helps progressive organisations counter the lies that circulate on social media and the internet. He’s an expert in fighting fake news  and has even taken his fight for the truth to Russia!  Rob has exposed breaches of privacy by Facebook. He’s appeared on Radio 4’s PM programme and in the Financial Times, discussing the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
  • Rob has succeeded in getting Lib Dems elected and Lib Dem policies introduced in London Rob’s work on tactical voting in the 2017 General Election helped win several Lib Dem parliamentary seats. The campaign he ran in Lewisham in 2010 won a Lib Dem council seat in a ward where we’d been in third place.  In Brixton where he lives, Rob led a successful campaign to get a drug treatment centre built. He believes in treatment and support for addicts, not criminalisation – an approach that also results in lower levels of violent crime.

Rob’s life story

Rob grew up in Pimlico with his mum, then won a place at Oxford to study economics and history, followed by a masters in economics at LSE.

Rob followed in Vince Cable’s footsteps in becoming an ODI Fellow and professional economist.  Rob’s first job was working for the Namibian government as an environmental economist – helping them manage and protect their wildlife.

Rob worked on conservation projects in Africa
Rob working on conservation projects in Namibia

In 1999 Rob came back to London, working as an economic advisor to the Liberal Democrats. He helped write the 2001 and 2005 General Election manifestos.

Rob was heavily involved in London politics, chairing his local party in Vauxhall, and canvassing and delivering leaflets  in local elections and by-elections across the city.

In 2003 he was promoted to Director of Research for the Liberal Democrats, becoming a senior advisor to Charles Kennedy at the time of the Iraq war.  Locally, he helped by acting as agent for the 2006 council elections and the 2008 Vassall by-election.

In the 2010 General Election, Rob masterminded the Lib Dem campaign in Lewisham Deptford. It was the only campaign in London where the Liberal Democrats gained a council seat from Labour from third place. Rob’s partner Tam Langley stood as the Parliamentary candidate, and our share of vote increased by 5% – one of the biggest Lib Dem swings in London.

Rob, Tam and his daughters Bo & Zaria
Rob, Tam and his daughters Bo & Zaria

Rob was the London Assembly candidate for Lambeth and Southwark in 2012, when he secured one of the best Lib Dem results in London.

Also in 2012, Rob became London Managing Director of Blue State Digital, the company famous for the digital part of Barack Obama’s election campaign.  

As London Assembly candidate on the London list in 2016, Rob led the best digital campaign we’d ever run.

Since 2016 Rob has been heavily involved in the campaign against Brexit, working as a senior digital adviser to the Best for Britain campaign. He has also headed initiatives against fake news, and worked on ensuring people’s privacy is respected online.

More recently Rob has been part of a plan to make enough Covid vaccine to vaccinate the entire world.