Five things we can do to improve London transport

1. Encourage people to travel off-peak

Our early bird fares policy, which cuts fares for people travelling before 7:30am rewards people for travelling earlier, and reduces overcrowding straight away.


2. Increase cycling 

I’ve campaigned for better cycling facilities in London for 25 years, and am a keen cyclist. I’d encourage London boroughs to copy Liberal Democrat Sutton’s successful Smarter Travel Sutton plan, which increased cycling by 75%.


3. More focus on maintenance and reliability

Train, bus and tube delays are incredibly stressful for people who have to get to work or childcare in time.


4. Stop Brexit

Brexit means falling Transport for London passenger revenues, and so less money for investment in public transport. It also means fewer skilled workers on Crossrail, one of the reasons it is delayed.


5. Regulate taxis properly

Uber is a fantastic service. But it’s run by a company who have shown themselves to be completely untrustworthy. We need tough enforcement to make sure they play by the rules.


Campaigning for safer cycling
Campaigning for safer cycling

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