Dear Fellow Liberal Democrat

You will soon receive your email vote to choose your Lib Dem candidates for the next London Mayor and Assembly elections. With your support, I will lead a Lib Dem campaign that fights Brexit effectively.

I have been a Lib Dem member and candidate in London for nearly 20 years, but I’ve never seen a greater danger facing our great city than I see now.

A hard Brexit threatens the job opportunities and wellbeing of us all. When I had a neck operation at Kings College Hospital in April, the after care was provided by excellent Spanish nurses. The local primary school my kids go to relies on enthusiastic young teachers from France and Italy.

I can’t believe we are telling the doctors and nurses who care for our elderly parents, the teachers who inspire our children, that they are no longer welcome.

I want London to be a city where everyone has the opportunity to do well, and where our European neighbours are welcome.

That’s why I have been leading the fight against Brexit. The Chief Executive of ‘Best for Britain’, the organisation founded by Gina Miller to fight Brexit, even described me as ‘a crucial part of the fight against Brexit’.

At the last general election I developed polling, fundraising and campaign advice that helped the London Lib Dems gain remain-voters and win seats in areas like Kingston and Surbiton, Twickenham, and Carshalton and Wallington. I also share best practice with Lib Dem campaigners across the capital via my digital campaign newsletter. You are welcome to sign up for it here.

I have experience of twice being a Lib Dem London Assembly candidate, and now I’m ready to lead the London campaign through these most turbulent times.

Will you use your votes to ensure we have the strongest possible campaign and candidates? If you choose me, I will work tirelessly to make sure London has good job opportunities for all, reliable public transport and clean air. You can read my CV here.

Kind regards




Rob Blackie

P.S. Please lend me your support with both your first preference votes, so we can get on with the urgent Brexit fight.