I’m standing for the London Assembly – can I have your support?

Dear fellow Liberal Democrat,

We need to be clear on our objectives here in London. We currently have just 2 seats on the London Assembly. We must improve on that in 2016, and I want to play my part.The best way I can contribute to the Liberal Democrat fightback is by offering myself as a list candidate campaigning for more Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly. 

My experience leading teams to elections success in London and in recruiting over 90 members since polling day will help us campaign to win.    

There is no getting away from the fact that we have had an awful General Election. We came dangerously close to being wiped in London. We need to ensure London Liberal Democrats claim credit for our achievements in government, and to campaign to help Londoners understand what the Liberal Democrats stand for.

We also need to show that we can achieve things on the London Assembly. I have a track record of getting Liberal policies implemented, whether getting Namibian women equal land rights or helping get a drug treatment centre in Brixton. I am not a career politician and would bring my professional experience of getting things done.

As a London Assembly Member my top priority would be to lift the curse of dangerous air pollution, an area Boris has failed Londoners on. This curse costs the health of children at schools near main roads, and even chokes our grandparents and many elderly neighbours.

It is an exciting time for the party to have 14,000 new members. Already party supporters from Kingston in the West to Walthamstow in the East have spoken up to support me at the heart of our campaign:


Please share this email with friends and colleagues who are London Lib Dems, or even those who might like to join the party www.libdems.org.uk/join_us  and have their say in the decision for our new leader (deadline 3rd June), Mayoral and London Assembly candidates.

I look forward to hearing back from you,

Rob Blackie

P.S. I am determined that we harness the enthusiasm and potential of our many new members and long standing members in the campaign. If you have thoughts on what issues will win us support across London please let me know.